Site Watch Leading: Kaiser Permanente Denver Peer-based Learning

Sep 15, 2018 | Leading Sites, Peer Learning, Peer Review Program, Site Success, Site Watch

Subrata Thakar writes for Radiology Business that transitioning from a score-based peer review program to one based on peer learning boosted engagement and satisfaction in radiologists at Kaiser Permanente in Denver, according to research published in the American Journal of Roentgenology.

“Although RADPEER score-based peer review has been used as the prototype program, it focuses on calculating provider error rates rather than fostering continuous quality improvement,” wrote first author Richard E. Sharpe, Jr., MD, MBA, of Kaiser Permanente, and colleagues. “Furthermore, no evidence exists that score-based peer review programs, such as RADPEER, result in meaningful practice management.”

Kaiser Permanente’s score-based peer review program transitioned to an “open, inclusive, education and improvement-oriented peer learning program.”

Specifically, the researchers implemented the Institute of Medicine (IOM) guiding principles to reduce diagnostic errors. IOM aims to promote collaboration, teamwork, culture and system improvements to allow radiologists to learn from mistakes and to reduce diagnostic errors and near misses in clinical practice.

The researchers sought to compare the efficacy of their peer learning program compared to the score-based peer review system.


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