Site Watch Leading: hyperCORE International Enters the Market: Super Site Network

Apr 9, 2019 | Leading Sites, Research Network, Site Success, Site Watch

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hyperCORE International LLP announced its market entry today. A “Super Network” of highly awarded and experienced Clinical Research Site Organizations, it forms “the second largest site network in the world with more than 80 sites across 5 countries on 2 continents” according to their recent press release.  TrialSite News staff studied up and provides the Q&A below:

What is hyperCORE International LLP?  They are a group of sites that have formed a “Super Network” of clinical research sites.

What is their ownership model?  They report that eight different independent research site companies have come together under one umbrella focusing on agility and innovation to accelerate clinical research through centralization of core operations and innovative strategic partnerships with Sponsors/CROs.

What is its Goal?   Its primary goal is to modernize the highly fragmented and inefficient research site model by assembling the industry’s leading site networks under one moniker facilitating exponential efficiencies at an unprecedented scale.        As participant and President of LMC Manna Research Karri Venn, hyperCORE founding Board Member states “while others pursue models of loosely affiliated research sites, or activation of research naïve physicians and health clinics, hyperCORE builds upon the success of tightly integrated and professional research site model already proven by its founding members.

How Big Are they?  They have combined 80 sites across 2 continents—spanning from Lima, Peru, to Calgary, Canada.

Who are their Members?

  • Benchmark Research, Austin TX
  • Clinical Trials of Texas of San Antonio, Texas
  • DIEX Research, Montreal, Canada
  • FOMAT Research, San Diego, CA
  • IACT Health of Columbus, GA
  • LMC Manna Research, Toronto, Canada
  • Research Centers of North America (RCA), Hollywood, FL
  • Wake Research of Raleigh, North Carolina

When will they Make their Debut? They will make their debut at the upcoming 2019 ACRP Conference in Nashville, TN April 12-15.

What is their Combined Experience? They have a combined experience of over 100 years; with more than 6,000 studies completed and more than 60,000 patients treated.

How will they Operate? Each member will operate as an independent company however they will integrate common functions such as the streamlining of business and clinical operations via harmonization and the sharing of best practices. It is not clear as of yet if they will share common clinical trial management software tools such as digital site master file.

What are Benefits? Clearly if the site aggregation can work efficiently the group can access more patients and offer more capabilities and scaled up services to industry sponsors.