Read about the secretive oncology research clinic in the German Blackforest—Hallwang Clinic.  Who is behind the Hallwang Clinic? Based in Dornstetten Germany, it specializes in integrative cancer treatments. Until 2014 it was called the Privatklinik Dr. Ursula Jacob, the name of the medical director of the oncology clinic at the time. Hallwang Clinic GmbH has been in existence since 2007 and they stated that they have had over 7,000 patients. See slide presentation of Dr. Jacob

However, it is difficult to find information on who has been treated there.  A search for internet posts find little information. Given there are many individuals, particularly in the UK that are facing life and death situations with cancer there are organizations that prey on the fear and desperate.  Transparency is of paramount concern in clinical research.  Hallwang takes a different approach in that it keeps its research approaches secretive.   We ask any TrialSite News readers that have had any experience with this clinic to contact us and share your experiences.

Source: Respectful insolence

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