Site Consolidation Continues with Evolution Research Buying Finger Lakes Clinical Research

Apr 2, 2019 | Consolidation, Research Site

Private equity owned Evolution Research Group (ERG), an independent clinical research site company has acquired Finger Lakes Clinical Research (FLCR), a clinical research facility specializing in pediatric and adult central nervous system trials for major national and international pharmaceutical sponsors. ERG focuses on early and late stage neuroscience drug development.

FLCR was founded by Sarah D. Atkinson, MD and principal investigator. They have conducted clinical trials across a broad range of illness, including anxiety disorders, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental illness since its founding in 2002. ERG is backed by private equity group Linden Capital Partners.   

TrialSite News has covered an intensifying amount of consolidation in the clinical research site space. From private equity-based roll-ups to organic consolidations to CRO to site partnerships—and even new disruptive models where site networks will partner with physician practices to bring turnkey GcP services—we live in exciting and dynamic times. Research sites and centers will become more sophisticated and able to take on a range of industry sponsor and CRO work.

We maintain one of the largest, most robust proprietary research site databases worldwide. As we observe unfolding trends we do pick up certain patterns. It would appear many sites, despite a massive number of ongoing clinical trials, still have business development concerns. Research sites are not optimized to sell like CROs for example. Follow the link to the press release for more details. If you seek insight into the site space feel free to contact us.


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