Five infants died at Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University in Foshan, China, due to an infection caused by Echovirus 11, a type of intestinal virus. Another 13 babies were released after recovering, while one remains under treatment.  The hospital chief and health authority senior official were fired, reports the Daily Mail.

The southeast China hospitals have been rocked with these deaths. Executives have been fired due to the spread of an infection within the hospital. The Guangdong Health Commission has been issuing statements regarding status and updates. According to the authorities, this tragic incident is the result of poor infection prevention and control.

Shunde Hospital hosts many clinical trials as part of Southern Medical University. Although this tragedy is not connected to the clinical research activities, TrialSite News has placed Shunde Hospital on the Site Watch Challenged list. Vast wealth has accumulated in China within the past decades, and they are now the second largest economy in the world. Moreover, Foshan is situated on the prosperous southeast coast. There must be a thorough review of policy, procedure and root-cause analysis, not to mention accountability, for all those responsible. There are now five parents who have experienced the devastating loss of a child.

Source: Daily Mail

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