A bio-venture company has confirmed improved arm and leg function in clinical trials of patients who underwent stem cell shots to repair damaged brain tissue. Tokyo-based SanBio Inc. announced the findings at the meeting of American Association of Neurological Surgeons held in the United States in April. It is hoped that the company can seek health ministry approval by January 2020 to manufacture and commercialize the stem cell-based product for medicinal treatments.

As reported in Asahi, mesenchymal stem cells that can be transformed into bones and blood vessels are extracted from bone marrow aspirates collected from healthy people, and thereafter cultivated in large quantities. The stem cells are made into the product for use in regenerative studies.

The clinical trial covered 61 people in Japan and the United States with traumatic brain injuries in the chronic stage. A total of 46 patients received the stem cell product via injection; another 15 did not receive anything. Consequently, arm and leg functions improved for 8.7 points on the motional function assessment index among the 46 patients. All 61 people did experience headaches during the clinical trial, but 90% of such casesĀ are believed to have no connection to the product.

SanBio believes there are 40,000 patients in Japan with the damaged nerve brain tissue.

Lead Research/Investigator

Akifumi Matsuyama, professor of regenerative medicine, Fujita Health University

Source: The Asahi Shimbun

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