Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Signs up to Use the CancerLinQ Platform

Mar 7, 2020 | ASCO, CancerLinQ, EHR, Electronic Health Records, HealthIT, Informatics, Oncology

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Signs up to Use the CancerLinQ Platform

The very first cancer research center in the United States, established in 1898, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center of Buffalo, NY, inked an agreement to utilize the CancerLinQ® platform. They now join dozens of other providers and research centers utilizing the shared cancer informatics system. They will now tap into and contribute to this ASCO ‘treasure trove.’

Joining a Growing Cancer Informatics Club

A growing number of research centers are signing up to participate with CancerLinQ. Roswell Park becomes one of 28 National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) members to participate. Now with over 100 subscribers, from academic medical centers to local provider networks, they are capitalizing on the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) analytics platform. Recent providers to sign up include Baptist Healthcare System (Louisville, KY) and Crystal Run Healthcare (Middletown, NY).

The Benefits

TrialSite News summarized CancerLinQ last year. One of ASCO’s most ambitious initiatives, the program was created to offer oncologists a robust quality monitoring system that collects and analyzes data from all patient encounters so they can deliver to patients the highest possible quality of care. In just a handful of years, they have organized and accumulated over 1.5 million patient electronic health records.

Providers and research centers are signing up to take advantage of aggregated cancer data to improve the quality of care and efficiencies. According to Stephen Edge, MD, FACS, FASCO, Vice President of Healthcare Outcomes and Policy at Roswell Park, “We hope to use it to enhance our quality oversight, benchmark care, use with other data to better understand care delivery and quality, and support local and national research efforts.”


The CancerLinQ platform continues to grow and evolve, offering providers and researchers a treasure trove if they have the right understanding of how to leverage the informatics. Sixty practices have completed the onboarding process to establish a link between the CancerLinQ database and their electronic health record (EHR) system, and more than 1.5 million de-identified, real-world cancer patient records are now in the database.

Source: ASCOOncology


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