TrialSite News recently wrote about the coming clinical research site consolidation wave. As a part of this wave, Elligo Health Research continues its goal to expand and extend its reach across the country. The integrated research organization has acquired Protenium Clinical Research. Protenium, an established research group led by Robert Strzinek, Ph.D., D.O., conducts pharmaceutical studies in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Dr. Strzinek has more than 15 years of clinical research experience and will now conduct research at his practice in partnership with Elligo. The acquisition brings the number of patients in Elligo’s Research Ready network to more than one million. As part of Elligo’s Goes Direct® approach, these patients will now have access to clinical research as a care option from their own physician.

“Joining Elligo’s Dallas–Fort Worth Community of Research will ensure that we continue to provide the best clinical research opportunities to our patients and help us expand research opportunities across the region,” said Dr. Strzinek. “Our partnership allows us to focus on patient care while benefiting from Elligo’s research relationships and operational expertise.”

Dr. Strzinek has completed over 150 research studies and authored numerous journal articles covering several areas, including endocrinology and women’s health. He and the Elligo team will continue to conduct research and support other community-based health care providers participating in research.

Recently, Elligo inked a collaborative deal with large CRO Syneos.

For-profit clinical research sites generating north of $7 – $10 million in revenues and certain profitability levels are now attractive targets for M&A activity.  

Source: Business Wire

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