Reid Health Inks Partnership with Earlham College

May 3, 2019 | Clinical Trials, Collaboration, Partnership

Inside Indiana reports that Reid Health has inked a new partnership with Earlham College to expand the health systems’ teaching center growth. New programs derived from the new partnership include student training and hands-on experience to treat chronically ill patients in the region. Patients are not charged for the program. Moreover, paramedics travel to patient’s homes for home health visits. This is a win-win for the entire community.

Reid Health maintains a Clinical Trials organization. Presently, Reid Cancer Center is participating in oncology clinical trials through the Dayton Clinical Oncology Program, a National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded program. They have set up clinical research care facilities within Reid Cancer Center so patients do not have to travel to Dayton.

Reid participates in Phase II and III trials including:

Phase II trials: Continues to test the safety of the drug, and begins to evaluate how well the new drug works. Usually focus on a particular type of cancer.

Phase III trials: These test a new drug, a new combination of drugs, or a new procedure in comparison to the current standard. A participant will usually be assigned to the standard group or the new group at randomization. Often enroll large numbers of people.

Key contacts include:

Kathy Macdonald, (765) 983-3425

Brenda Bowman, (765) 983-3488