Psoriasis Patient Takes Autoimmune Disorder to Facebook Live and Shares Struggles

Mar 25, 2019 | Dermatology, Facebook Live, Price Watch, Psoriasis

As reported in WNEM by Coty Kuschinsky, Randi O’Connor has taken her battle with Psoriasis, what she thought was a skin disorder, to Facebook Live to chronicle the situation. Psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, speeds up the lifecycle of dead skin cells. The extra skin cells accumulate on the surface forming itchy dry red patches. According to Dr. David Stockman of Michigan Skin Clinic in Saginaw MI, “it’s probably one of the most under diagnosed disease. Almost 30% of patient are undiagnosed with psoriasis and 50% are undertreated in terms of their psoriasis because it’s just never recognized.”

O’Connor’s Facebook Live videos used to be for fun make-up tutorials with hundreds of MI visitors. But lately is has become a health diary in real time.  O’Connor has been prescribed Otezla and notes “It’s $3,000 dollars for a month and I’m just blown away and even with insurance its $150 dollars for the month.”  A working mom, O’Connor faces financial challenges caused by psoriasis.  She represents a classic example of how drug prices must come down to meet the vast majority of American’s financial situation.

O’Connor has in a way done an incredible service for many struggling for what they think is simply a skin problem when actually it is a far more complex autoimmune disorder.  Self-esteem and mood are at stake—depression can be around the corner.  O’Connor has opened up her struggle with psoriasis and engages many others online—TrialSite News commends her for being a leader.


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