Private Equity-Owned Riverchase Dermatology Practice Expanding its Clinical Research Center

Jun 20, 2019 | Dermatology, Investigator, Private Equity, Research Site, Sites

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Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, a leading dermatology group and provider of comprehensive skin care services in Florida announce the expansion of its Clinical Research Center with Bowes Dermatology by Riverchase.

Riverchase Dermatology, a portfolio company of GTCR, expands its state-of-the-art Clinical Research Center aimed at the discovery of new therapies, treatments, and cures for diseases and skin conditions. Ultimately the Riverchase mission is to improve patients’ outcomes while maximizing their skin health.

Who is Riverchase Dermatology?

A leading dermatology practice management business providing general, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services along with related pathology lab services. They also maintain the Clinical Research Center conducting FDA regulated clinical trials.

Founded in Naples, Florida in 2000 by Andrew Jaffe, MD, Riverchase physicians, and associates treat all types of skin disorders and cosmetic concerns with the latest advances in medicine and include many of the most accomplished clinicians in their respective fields.

Private Equity Buy out

In 2016 they were acquired by GTCR to partner with founder Jaffe to continue the growth of the practice. By the purchase, it had already become one of the largest dermatology practice management platforms in the U.S. with 25 locations in Florida.

Riverchase Clinical Research Center

Their expansion is aimed at the discovery of new therapies, treatments, and cures for diseases and skin conditions. They are committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements within the medical community. Clinical Research Director Dr. Leyda Bowes notes “It is imperative to the health of patients that we, as research physicians, remain involved and actively engaged in all levels of clinical research to support and ensure that our patients have access to modern treatments and procedures that maximize skin health.”

Riverchase has overseen many studies that are regulated by IRBs and the FDA, or NIH funded studies to ensure patients’ health and well-being are protected and preserved. They are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality care to patients and accurate, reliable data to sponsoring companies. Dr. Leyda Bowes with the recent move will transition from a traditional patient care role to a dedicated focus on clinical research will she will serve as Medical Director of the new Clinical Research Center. The team also now includes Dr. Annie Gonzalez to Bowes Dermatology by Riverchase.


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