Nasibo Kabale writes in Business Daily Africa that the cost of treating cancer in Kenya is far above the reach of most households. Three Nairobi cancer centers were surveyed including:

    • Kenyatta National Hospital (KHN—which is state run)
    • Nairobi Hospital (private)
    • Aga Khan University Hospital

The results reveal “deep financial strain for households with patients suffering from four main strains of the disease—cervical, breast, esophageal and prostate cancer.” Kabale notes that it costs between Sh172,000 and Sh759,000 to treat cervical cancer without surgery in Kenya and Sh672,000 to Sh1.25 million if one undergoes an operation, according to researchers affiliated to the National Cancer Control Programme and the National Cancer Institute, Kenya.

Patients seeking basic treatment for breast cancer pay between Sh175,200 and Sh1.98 million while the cost shoots up to between Sh758,000 and Sh2.48 million when surgery — which would be either a lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, partial mastectomy, or segmental mastectomy — is involved.


Source: Business Daily Africa

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