CRO PPD moved to bolster its competitive positioning for Phase I clinical trials by adding a 52-bed clinical research unit located in Orlando, Florida. The site focuses on early Phase trials on neurological disorders. This addition was part of its acquisition of Bioclincia’s clinical research site business.

PPD Research Site Subsidiary

PPD’s research site business is called Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES), and its member sites grew with the Bioclinica acquisition in September—its footprint of sites now spans across 20 countries and more than 180 clinical research sites.

The Orlando Site

The Orlando site includes individual bedrooms for special patient populations, such as elderly Alzheimer’s patients. PPD reported that this unit has a strong track record in the areas of patient recruitment and the overall conduct of early phase neurological indications such as Alzheimer’s disease. This site has completed over 50 Phase I studies in Alzheimer’s and other central nervous system-based studies.

PPD Early Phase Research Sites

Now PPD has three clinical research units for early phase studies in addition to the Orlando facility, including Las Vegas, NV, a 24-bed unit adjacent to a hospital campus specializing in endocrinology and metabolic trials. Presently, they embarked on a Japanese Ethno-bridging study at this site—where Japanese volunteers who have resided in the U.S. less than five years participate in clinical trials. PPD offers a service to enable biopharma sponsors to incorporate Asian data so that Phase II studies can be initiated more expeditiously in Asian markets.

Call to Action: Interested in learning more about PPD’s AES? Talk to Scott Dove, VP of early development at PPD.

Source: WilmingtonBiz

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