Potential Game Changer: Operation Warp Speed Gains Momentum

Jun 17, 2020 | COVID-19, Operation Warp Speed, Vaccine

Potential Game Changer Operation Warp Speed Gains Momentum

Operation Warp Speed represents an impressive collaborative effort among federal government authority, agencies and initiatives that have an aggressive set of targets, including a safety and effective vaccine by January 2021. Never before would a vaccine be developed at such speed, hence the term “warp” borrowed from Captain James T. Kirk’s Starship Enterprise.

But as TrialSite News reported on not long ago, this is not the subject of a Gene Roddenberry science fiction classic. Rather in a bid to hasten delivery of COVID-19 vaccine and therapies to those residing in the United States, and beyond, federal power has been assembled, orchestrated, and directed, in conjunction with the private sector, to produce heretofore not possible vaccine development results.

With both the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Defense Department driving the partnership,  officials recently had positive updates during a conference call reported Todd C. Lopez with DOD News. Other collaborators involved include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National institutes of Health and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

From injecting money into qualified vaccine producers (e.g. $1 billion to AstraZeneca & Oxford team to $483 million to Moderna to even funds to Inovio Pharmaceuticals), the federal agencies also engaged with other Tier 1 pharmaceutical companies including Johnson & Johnson and Merck. A key premise is the production of vaccine at risk. Most private sector participants wouldn’t be able to absorb this kind of risk, hence the rational entry of government intervention during a time of great crisis: the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a total of 14 identified vaccine candidates from more than 100 in development, thanks in part to U.S. federal spending (in reality, the U.S. taxpayer), a number of investigational products have a shot at meeting the aggressive deadline.

Given the horrific toll of COVID-19: from over 115,000 deaths to millions infected not to mention unprecedented economic disruption, TrialSite News is very supportive of the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed. TrialSite News has declared if this sizeable initiative can produce positive results at the aggressive timeline declared, it’s a game changer for the President. It should be used as a broader platform to bring people closer together in a public-private healthcare enterprise operating in incredibly difficult times.


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