Pittsburgh is vying to become healthcare research up via the “Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance” (PHDA) as local venerable medical research centers inked a deal with Amazon (AWS) to support cutting-edge innovation via AI and cloud technology.

What is the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance? (PHDA)

The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance represents the coming together of the following: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, UPMC and Amazon’s AWS business unit. The collaborative seeks to transform health data into improved human health and transformative changes to the practice of medicine.

As healthcare (whether standard clinical practice or medical and clinical research) produces a vast amount of data daily. There is a need and opportunity to mine this data and offer medical researchers and practitioners the ability to capitalize and put to good use in daily work. PHDA believes they are in a unique position to leverage raw data and ideas and transform into a new opportunity for research or practice.

The plan on developing solutions with a focus on preventing the onset of disease, improving diagnosis and enhancing the quality of care. From new diagnostic tests to treatment protocols to technology solutions, PHDA is well positioned with the talent, technology and capital backing to driving not only economic growth in Pittsburgh but planting the seeds to transform the region into a nexus for major data-driven medical research.

When was it Launched?


What Technologies are Relevant?

Amazon machine learning and cloud computing, infrastructure-as-a-service not to mention advances in computing power such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon EC2

Key Contact

Tal Heppenstall, president of UPMC Enterprises

Healthcare Data Sources of Interest

Electronic health records, diagnostic imaging, prescriptions, genomic profiles, and insurance records

Source: next pittsburgh

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