Pioneering Parkinson’s Disease Trials Program Funded by Parkinson’s UK

Feb 28, 2019 | CNS, Parkinson Disease

Parkinson’s UK is funding a pioneering clinical trials program. It centers on investigational treatment directly to the brain. The sponsor’s goal is to restore damaged cells associated with Parkinson’s disease. The program seeks to understand if Glial Cell Line Derived Neuropathic Factor (GDNF) can regenerate dying dopamine brain cells in patients with Parkinson’s disease and therefore, reverse their condition. Most recently, some promising results from the third arm of the study were published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease. The program is augmented with support from The Cure Parkinson’s Trust in association with North Bristol NHS Trust. 

According to Steven Gill, MB, MS (Lond.), FRCS, lead neurosurgeon and designer of the investigational CED device involved, “we can safely and repeatedly infuse drugs directly into patients’ brains over months or years. This is a significant breakthrough in our ability to treat neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s, because most drugs that might work cannot cross from the blood stream into the brain due to a natural protective barrier.”

Lead Research/Investigator

Steven Gill, MB, MS (Lond.), FRCS


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