Philly-Area Health Systems Open Mobile-Testing Units for COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020 | Jefferson Health, Penn Medicine, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Philly-Area Health Systems Open Mobile-Testing Units for COVID-19

The Philadelphia, PA, metropolitan area health agencies are opening up drive-thru testing services much like TrialSite News discussed recently occurred in South Korea weeks ago. The number of COVID-19 cases is growing as is the need for expedited testing services. The drive-through service, for the most part, is reserved mostly for in-network referrals only. Local health departments suggest those with mild symptoms to stay home. However, if there is a fever of over 100 degrees accompanied by shortness of breath and a cough then the situation needs to be addressed.

The local news agency, ABC6 also offers important telephone numbers for various health departments. They report mobile testing sites have sprung up in Center City, Abington, Northeast Philadelphia and New Jersey to name a few. The goal: “facilitate fast and effective drive-through and walk-up COVID-19 testing  for Jefferson patients with physician ordered tests.”

Other Philadelphia-area Updates

·       City of Philadelphia seeks to open up one or more large COVID-19 testing sites reports Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia Health Commissioner

·       Main Line Health and Penn Medicine offer drive-up testing for in-network patient referrals

·       Penn Medicine introduced drive-thru testing at its West Philadelphia and Radnor locations for those prescribed by a Penn physician—testing is free for uninsured patients

How about Mobile Research?

Researchers should consider leveraging the rapidly unfolding dynamic to capitalize on the number of individuals that will be traveling to the mobile sites.

Source: ABC6


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