Philippines Undersecretary of Department of Health Issues Warning to Doctors Not to Prescribe Ivermectin Off Label for COVID-19

Aug 27, 2020 | Ivermectin, News, Philippines, Philippines Department of Health, Popular Posts

Philippines Undersecretary of Department of Health Issues Warning to Doctors Not to Prescribe Ivermectin Off Label for COVID-19

Growing off label Ivermectin use has got the attention of Philippines government officials, including Department of Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire, who, in a recent press briefing, warned doctors not to prescribe the anti-parasite drug for COVID-19. Declaring there isn’t any scientific proof yet backing such actions, she emphasized there is a need for more evidence. Hence the Philippines DoH is taking the stance that there should be no off label Ivermectin use for COVID-19 until there is Philippines FDA and Ethics Committee approval for such use. The DoH undersecretary did acknowledge that Ivermectin is being studied by “international experts as a potential treatment for COVID-19,” reported the Manilla Bulletin.

Maria Rosario Vergeire, MPH, noted the results of the University of Monash study in vitro where Ivermectin was shown to kill COVID-19 within 48 hours. However, this of course doesn’t’ represent medicinal evidence. The amount, dosage, conditions, etc. are all different. Typically from in vitro, research goes to animals and then humans in a lengthy, expensive and risk-prone process. In pandemic conditions, drug development has been accelerated, from exotic monoclonal antibodies in the U.S, to advanced new messenger RNA-based vaccine candidates and compressed timelines. The same dynamic occurred with Ivermectin as a number of countries began experimenting with the common anti-parasite drug after the Monash experiments. In some countries, the use is fairly standard now, such as in some states in India, in Bangladesh, Peru and others. See the TrialSite News Peru documentary for more relevant information.


  1. Julie Nicholson

    You already have a drug though that has been tested and used for 50 years in humans safely. They don’t need to put it through animal trials first and then human trials. We already know its safety record. It has already been tested. The Ivermectin being used is the dose used for other conditions not the high dose that was used in vitro and in combination with other drugs eg Doxycycline and Zinc it has showed ‘extraordinary’ results.

  2. Moin

    Why people are preventing people from easy treatment? What the logic? If you don’t use Ivermectin, then what you are using other than that also don’t have any trial, because, the disease is new and when afte 3 yrs of study by CDC on Ivermectin the COVID-19 will be replaced by another COVID-21, 23, 24 or anything.

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