Phesi recently released a press release announcing its clinical trial investigator site selection tool called ClinSite™, a self-service solution for biopharma clinical trials sponsors.

TrialSite News provides an overview of Phesi and their tool.

Who is Phesi?

It is an investigator site selection tool venture founded in 2007, as updated on LinkedIn according to its founder.

How Big is Phesi

We estimate that they are small, with between 25 to 30 employees. Given they have been in operation since 2007, it would appear that A) the company had a different business model and pivoted recently to site selection or B) they have taken a while to grow. We anticipate revenues are probably under $5 million.

They provide comprehensive clinical development analytics products and services for biopharmaceutical companies around the world. The company’s integrated offerings cover the entire clinical development process-from development planning and indication assessment to protocol evaluation, site selection, and trial implementation management. Phesi claims that it has the industry’s most comprehensive and dynamic clinical trials database and predictive analytics tools, consisting of 330,000 completed clinical trials, 604,000 completed research projects, 4.2 million physicians, and 1.8 million investigator records.

Who is Phesi’s founder?

Ge Li worked at Pharmacia when they were acquired by Pfizer. Li had prominent roles at Pfizer when he undoubtedly picked up a lot of big pharma pedigree.

What is ClinSite?

Phesi claims that ClinSite is an analytical tool powered by artificial intelligence technology and offered via SaaS solution. They position that the technology can learn from a big pool of investigator data accumulated over time. They report that the tool can slash enrollment time by 40%. Key data points for ClinSite:

  • 4.2 million physicians and 600,00 investigators globally
  • Quantifiable measures of investigator site performance
  • Coverage across all therapeutic areas, including rare disease data

Phesi includes a few case studies in their recent press release, so follow the link below to learn more.

TrialSite News Comment

TrialSite News as well maintains a robust global investigator database. The numbers of actual investigators that do more than the proverbial “one and done” are far less than many industry watchers realize. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Source: Yahoo

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