Several Penn State College of Medicine offices and programs support clinical research. To connect research investigators and staff with the appropriate offices and teams available to assist in their research studies, a single request form is now available. This Penn State Research Request Form efficiently connects investigators and study teams to the services they need by requiring only one form to be completed.

After submitting the form, representatives from research offices and programs are notified and then determine which resources may benefit the study. For example, investigator-initiated trials may be connected with the new Investigator-Initiated Trial Navigation Team, which helps researchers avoid study delays by ensuring proper IND and IDE determinations and budgeting properly for hospital and personnel costs, and also alerting them of contractual restrictions that could prevent site acceptance, and protecting intellectual property rights. 

After following departmental processes for study initiation, investigators are encouraged to complete the Penn State Research Request Form. Doing so helps to ensure that research personnel are receiving all resources available to them to more efficiently and effectively conduct their studies. Offices that may receive submissions are:

·        Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute 

·        Clinical Trials Office (CTO) 

·        Staffing, Mentorship and Research Training (SMaRT Program) 

·        Conflict of Interest (COI) 

·        Office of Research Affairs (ORA) 

·        Investigator-Initiated Trial Navigation Team (INTnT)

·        Research Development 

·        Research Quality Assurance (RQA) 

·        Investigational Drug Services (IDS) 

·        Marketing and Communications

·        Human Subjects Protection Office (HSPO) 

·        Center for Medical Innovation 

To request service, use this link here. The link is also available on several office websites, including Office of Research Affairs, Clinical Trials Office, Research Concierge and Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  

The form is managed by Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute, which provides resources and tools to help make research more efficient throughout Penn State.

Call to Action: Follow the link to review this form. 

Source: Penn State

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