Patient’s Fiancé Tries to get Memorial Baptist Hospital to Treat her Future Husband with RLF-100

Sep 5, 2020 | Coronavirus, COVID-19, Expanded Access, News, Popular Posts, RFL-100

Patient’s Fiancé Tries to get Memorial Baptist Hospital to Treat her Future Husband with RFL-100

Leticia Pacheco’s fiancé is battling for his life against COVID-19. The family has heard that Aviptadil (RLF-100), not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but purported to work, is currently an investigational drug used in clinical trials at the University of California, Irvine, the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, University of Louisville and Houston Methodist Hospital. Although still under investigation, the drug is available to those critically ill, and it also received Fast Track Designation from the FDA in July.

TrialSite Contacted

TrialSite reported that it was contacted by family members of patients with dire situations in both San Antonio and Odessa, Texas. Similar to this situation, family members sought access to RLF-100. Those families in San Antonio and elsewhere in Texas are hearing about success stories at Houston Methodist.

Dire Situation

Ms. Leticia Pacheco is trying to save her future husband but hasn’t been able to secure the medication at the hospital where her fiancé is currently located, Baptist Medical Center. She is trying to get this hospital to use RLF-100. Baptist Health System responded via email by declaring they could not comment on this particular case and noted, “its doctors rely on federal agencies for guidance on new treatments.” This same patient was in touch with TrialSite weeks ago, and the situation can only become more dire as the fiancé commented, “We’re just trying to give Joe a fighting chance.”

The Drug Maker

The drug sponsor is NeuroRx, who develops and distributes the drug for Relief Therapeutics in Switzerland. NeuroRx reported to Fox San Antonio that the drug can be used at other medical centers, such as the current hospital, as long as a certified critical care doctor enrolls as an investigator in their expanded access program: they must complete some documentation. According to the NeuroRx website, “This will take about an hour of your doctor’s time to complete.” NeuroRx notes the drug is only available for doctors in the “Intensive Care setting,” and they only work at this point with physicians who are experts at critical care as investigations based on their “expanded use protocol.”

The Hospital

Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio started back in 1903 when 30 physician members of the Bexar County Medical Society joined with more than two dozen business people and professionals to organize San Antonio Associated Charities. Over 100 years later, the hospital includes acute care hospitals, urgent care clinics, imaging centers, and freestanding emergency departments.

Part of the Baptist Health System in San Antonio, Texas, the provider has a level IV trauma center and 623 beds. 

Call to ActionTrialSite hopes the hospital moves to secure the study drug as part of the expanded access in the hopes of improving the odds of saving a life. See the link.


  1. David S

    That is excellent news !

    Please send to CNBC, as this drug a serious player in the toolbox.

  2. Richard

    RFL-100 is working right now saving the life of Capt Searcy, a Dallas TX firefighter who was near death with Covid 19..
    This “T-Cell” therapy needs to be released for victims of Covid 19 and other lung diseases at deaths door.

    • kkesq

      Tommy Searcy passed away on September 8, 2020. I suspect that administration of RLF-100 (Aviptadil) was given too late in the disease progression and that Searcy’s lungs were already so damaged that no theraputic could have saved him. Hopefully, a postmortem will reveal more than my conjecture, and future patients will fare better than did Captain Searcy.


  3. Bonnie Gonzales

    The drug needs to be released for all those who need it. It takes one hour of the doctors time to complete the paperwork, and has been proven to work, why can’t they just do it! Those suffering from Covid-19 deserve every fighting chance from this relentless disease. Please don’t give up on them, please.

  4. LadyB

    Yes! Everyone deserves every opportunity to live. I hope Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio @baptisthealthsa works quickly to do everything possible to approve this treatment.
    If Mr. Searcy can get the drug, so should Joe. Joe’s life is in the doctors hands. He deserves the best care.

  5. Sherrie

    Oh I pray that the doctors and BAPTIST HOSPITAL do the right thing….
    Give Joe a fighting chance…..He is a fighter !!! And this drug might be the answer to our prayers….
    Please dont let my friend die witjout trying

  6. Ida Castañeda

    Please give my cousin Joe a fighting chance. Please continue all prayers and may GOD hear us and hopefully he will soon have this drug available to my cousin.

    • Debra Sewell

      Can he take ivermectin? Please check into it. Being used successfully in many countries. Look it up under Monash a university in Australia. Ask your doctor for proper dosage. Ivermectin, zinc and antibiotic.

  7. Paul Elkins

    I feel strongly that RLF-100 is one of the most promising rescue therapeutics available. Leticia’s fiance should be given the chance of this potentially life saving drug under the approved FDA Expanded Use.

    I suggest that Leticia and TSN users reach out to the Public Relations team at Baptist Health System. This case could be a wonderful PR success story or it could have a tragic ending. The PR contacts at Baptist Health System are Patti Tanner, Director of Public Relations at (210) 875-0199 (cell), and Natalie Gutierrez at (210) 260-7250.

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