Patient Centricity: Apple Watch Joins Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Oct 17, 2018 | Apple, Joint Replacements

Abrar Al-Heeti reports for CNET that the communication between patients and surgeons before and after knee and hip surgery may improve with a new iPhone app and Apple Watch. Launched by Apple and Zimmer Biomet, the Mymobility app allows patients to send and receive messages for surgeons and care teams. It also supports ongoing care coordination with access to exercise videos, alerts and reminders.

This app represents an ongoing movement to patient-centric healthcare and clinical research— supported by disruptive technologies including cloud computing, mobility and apps and big data applications. Zimmer Biomet, a large medical device and appliance company, reports that there are more than a million hip and knee replacements per year in the United States and that this number may jump to north of $3.5 million by 2035.

Zimmer Biomet has launched a clinical trial investigating Mymobility impact on patient outcomes and the cost of joint replacements. For the study, patients getting a knee or hip replacement will use the app with the Apple Watch, which will be provided to them. Their feedback will be combined with continuous health and activity data from the Watch. The study, which launched Monday, could have as many as 10,000 participants in the US, Zimmer Biomet said.


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