Partners Healthcare Enrolls More Than 100,000 Biobank Participants!

Jul 9, 2019 | Biobank, Partners HealthCare

Partners Healthcare Enrolls More Than 100,000 Biobank Participants!

Partners HealthCare of Boston houses one of the largest biobanks for clinical research. The healthcare organization reports its biobank now has more than 100,000 participants who have consented to offer a small blood sample digitally linked to a electronic medical record system in addition to a patient self-reported health information system. Partners includes Brigham and Women’s Hospital as well as Massachusetts General Hospital.

HealthData Management reports Dr. Elizabeth Karlson, who heads up the division of rheumatology, immunology and allergy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, saying “The biobank has truly revolutionized the way we do research at Partners, and the more participants we have, the more powerful the resource is.”

A Powerful Clinical Trial Service

Greg Slabodkin, a frequent contributor to HealthData Management, reports that clinical investigators from Partners HealthCare have seamless access to this compelling service absolutely free of charge through the state-of-art biobank portal—serving as a sample or tissue search tool, supporting rapid investigator custom biobank access to a deep biobank repository to support a wide range of clinical trials.

A Discovery, Preclincial and Clinical Investigator Differentiator

Dr. Karlson, a researcher as well, reports that “In addition to the sample size, a key differentiator for our biobank is the electronic portal that we developed to help researchers search for the disease phenotypes and request the data samples that they need for their studies.”

Karlson presently engages within Partners HealthCare to develop machine learning-based algorithms to define disease phenotypes for genomics research.”

Follow the link below for the rest of the story.  Also follow the HealthData Management link to a story that the VA now contends they have the largest biotech.

Also, TrialSite News offers a direct link to the Partners HealthCare biobank.


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