Global CRO Parexel has inked a deal with Clariness, combining the company’s ClinLife patient portal and its own regional expertise in an effort to more effectively recruit and retain clinical trial patients in China, reports EPM Magazine.

Digital platforms drive communications in China today. It has very high mobile and smart phone ownership, for example, and many transactions, such as banking, occur online.

The partnership seeks to leverage digital technologies and Parexel’s CRO-based regional expertise to improve recruitment.  They will seize on the fact that China has over 770 million internet users, which represents double of the U.S. population.

Who is Clariness? 

Founded in 2005 in Germany, Clariness combines people, data and technology for compelling business solutions. Their ClinLife turnkey patient portal is used by industry sponsors to accelerate EC/IRB submission timelines. On their website, they claim that 50 million visitors have used ClinLife since 2014. The tool is available in more than 28 languages and in 42 countries, including China.

CliniLife is a patient portal for clinical trials. Once in the system, patients can find a clinical trial, fill out questionnaires and visit the study center. It is a free and easy-to-use website that helps patients and study volunteers worldwide find the most relevant clinical studies for their medical condition. They list many studies organized by disease area and offer a link between research site and interested in patients.

Clearly Clariness and Parexel have plans on deploying this free tool in at least targeted areas within China.

Source: EPM Magazine

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