Pakistani Drug Regulatory Authorities Intensify GcP Lab and Clinical Site Inspections

Mar 17, 2019 | GCP, Inspection, Pakistan, Regulations

Pakistan Observer reported the officials of the health department have started regular inspections of private laboratories and clinical centers to improve quality of health and sealed several medical stores in district Buner. These inspections started on directives of Deputy Commissioner Shafiullah Khan to ensure prompt action on public complaints received on Pakistan Citizens Portal.
Senior Inspector KP Health Care Commission (KPHCC) Saeed Ur Rehman carried out inspection visits in Nawagai and Chingalai areas of District Buner. The inspections were made in pursuance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Care Commission Act 2015. During the day long exercise, certain punitive measures were also taken against the doctors, clinic owners and practitioners on violation of the concerned rules and policies. Peshawar Medical Laboratory of Liaqat Ali was locked and sealed due to non registration of medical laboratory with KPHCC. Expired lab reagents were also recovered from this laboratory.
Mansoor General Hospital of Noor Nabi Shah was sealed because the MD doctor there was not registered with PMDC who was found busy in allopathic practice at the time of inspection. The hospital was also found in unhygienic condition. Similarly expired lab reagents were recovered from the hospital laboratory.