Oxfordshire Hosting the CLOuD Study Involving Artificial Pancreas Clinical Trial

Feb 14, 2019 | Diabetes Type 1, Pancreas

Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital is hosting a ground-breaking study studying how to make the management of type 1 diabetes in newly diagnosed children a lot less stressful. Called the Closed Loop from Onset in Type 1 Diabetes (CLOuD) study, an insulin pump is connected via Bluetooth to a continuous glucose monitor (GCM) and a mobile phone app. The pump, a portable device given to diabetics to deliver insulin through a tube placed under the skin. The GCM is a sensor measuring glucose levels—and transmitting such information to the app to calculate how much insulin the pump must deliver.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Rachel Blesser, Pediatric Diabetologist, Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust


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