Oxford Spinoff MiroBio Secures $34M & Launches Novel Immune System-Focused Platform Developed

Oct 8, 2019 | Immune Cell Signals, Immunotherapy, University of Oxford

University of Oxford intellectual property has led to yet another venture. MiroBio launches with $34 million Series A from a syndicate of international specialist life science investors including Oxford Sciences Innovation and Samsara Biocapital as well as Advent Life Sciences and SR One. A novel therapeutics focused upstart, it capitalizes on deep expertise in immune cell regulation developed at Oxford. 

A Unique Platform

The MirBio platform has its foundation in research and technology from the laboratories of Simon Davis, Professor of Molecular Immunology at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and Richard Cornall, Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford.

The company is developing proprietary antibodies and variants to stimulate specific immune cell signals, allowing MiroBio to harness the natural control mechanisms of the immune system for therapeutic benefit.

Translating 15 Years of Signaling via Immune Receptors to Treatments

The brand new venture will initially focus on applications in autoimmune disease, while keeping an eye open for opportunistic situations. Dr. Eliot Charles, Executive Chairman with VC partner SROne reports “To help realize this goal, we have assembled a strong syndicate of leading healthcare investors who have a solid track record of creating successful biotech companies and backing world leading teams like the one we have started to build.”  Professor Davis noted, “We have been studying key aspects of signaling through immune cell receptors for over 15 years. Working collaboratively with MIroBio and its investors, we now have the opportunity to translate our insights, ideas and technologies into important new medicines that could significantly improve patients’ lives.

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