ORIEN, Data-Driven Patient Recruitment Future for Oncology Studies?

Jun 18, 2018 | Oncology, Patient Clinical Trials, Patient Recruitment

As published in MedCity News, precision medicine will require new approaches to clinical trials. The Ohio State University Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital was a founding member of ORIEN or the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network. ORIEN “comprising academic cancer centers across North America” represents the future of how sponsors may connect with oncology patients. Patients involved with participating members “consent to have their tumors genetically profiled, thereby creating a network of data that can be mined and allowing researchers to identify who has a target while also facilitating the discovery of new targets.”
TrialSite News has accumulated the largest investigative site database in the world and we are seeing more and more of these types of data sharing neworks across therapeutic areas. Sites increasingly collaborative ahead and beyond traditional biopharmaceutical sponsors.

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Source: MedCity News


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