Great Plains Health is introducing a new services to make life easier for local cancer patients in this part of the United States.  Many cancer patients who live in the North Platte region traditionally had to travel to Omaha or Denver for surgery and make several follow up trips, causing major inconveniences potentially threatening continuity of care. Great Plains is partnered with UNMC for cancer research.

Now, a collaboration between academic medical center University of Nebraska Medical Center and Great Plans Health will offer traveling surgeons up to local North Platte clinics once a month. The two surgeons include Dr. Chandrakanth and thoracic surgical oncologist Dr. Rudy Lackner will make the trip once a month.

Ivan Mitchell, COO of Great Plains Health, noted “The Cancer Center has been one of our marquee service lines for a while,” as “We’ve had great hematologists and oncologists that treat your general hematology and oncology conditions.”

The Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center

The University of Nebraska conducts clinical trials across a range of therapeutic areas including cancer via the Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center.  Although not part of this traveling cancer service, it is feasible that over time the traveling service could be mobilized for clinical trials in the large great plans region in the United States.

Great Plains Health: Callahan Cancer Center

Great Plains Health offers cancer services via its Callahan Cancer Center.  They offer an advanced, one-stop cancer center designed with patient care and convenience in mind.  They include 15 cancer treatment rooms, an on-site pharmacist and comprehensive cancer services all in the same location.

The research program at Great Plains Health is an affiliate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and works with the center to open new studies through Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and keeps all regulatory files current for all studies.  The studies available vary as to diagnosis, with breast, lung, colon and prostate being the most commonly available studies. There are also studies open for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma, to name a few.

The latest news doesn’t involve clinical trials, but it would appear that over time the rural service could possibly include additional clinical research as care option including traveling services.

Source: The North Platte Telegraph

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