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Omaha Nebraska Centered in the Heartland and a Nexus for Health Research


Omaha, Nebraska truly lies in the heartland of America.  A place where many pioneers visited on the journey west, some stayed to establish what eventually became a metro area of about 1 million. Strategically situated on the Missouri River and in center of the nation with convenient access to any part of the country via air travel.

The regional has a thriving health sector anchored by Nebraska Medicine (formerly the Nebraska Medical Center, the Nebraska Health System). It is a complex of hospitals, medical clinics and health care colleges located in Omaha.  Nebraska Medicine was created by the merger of Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital and the adjacent University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1997.  With an international reputation for providing high quality organ and bone marrow transplantation services, it is a major midwestern nexus for oncology, neurology and cardiology programs.

Nebraska Medicine is very active clinical research center with an active database of current clinical trials.

Omaha has a thriving hospital network published recently by the Omaha World-Herald.  The local news listed dozens of hospitals and community health centers many of which will support clinical research.

Some active clinical research-specific sites in the area include Heartland Clinical Research, Quality Clinical Research Inc. and Meridian Clinical Research.

Heartland Clinical Research runs a diversified clinical research site focus; its current trials  include osteoarthritis, low testosterone and diabetic gastroparesis. Quality Clinical Research currently runs studies focusing on Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Asthma, Nocturia (frequent nighttime urination), Urinary Tract Infection (women only) and Migraines. Finally Meridian Clinical Research notes that all of its studies fall under FDA regulation; that almost 25,000 patients have joined Meridian studies; 20+ years of experience and they pride themselves on  putting the patient first.

The Omaha region is growing, and its economy becomes more diversified by the year. This is where Warren Buffet runs one of America’s most prestigious investment funds.


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