Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) recently received $50 million grants and will apply $37 million towards a focus on combating autoimmune diseases like lupus and multiple sclerosis, while another $12 million will go into anthrax research.


News 9 reports that the anthrax program represents a strange initiative as it isn’t a human disease. Rather, its naturally around in the environment particularly in animals. It isn’t dangerous till weaponized. Since 2000, OMRF has been instrumental in progressing anthrax research and will surely put the money to good produce use.

Autoimmune Disease

The diagnosis of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and lupus can be difficult. They have a variety of symptoms and proper diagnosis can take years.

Eliza Chakravarty, associate member at OMRF reports, “With this new grant money, researchers at the foundation will be able to further study how to make initial diagnoses more accurate and earlier with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus for people who may be at higher risk.”

Source: News 9

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