Health Data Management reports on the strategic Pfizer and Ochsner Health System strategic partnership.  Back in February, 2019 TrialSite News wrote about the exciting technology development partnership. At the time, we commented on how despite hundreds of million of dollars in eClinical software vendor investments; Pfizer was now going to health systems for software development innovation. Now more light shines on the partnership. The two are seeking ways to open up and improve the “clinical trial experience and ease of participation in trials for patients and their physicians with the goal of improved outcomes.”   Ochsner maintains 40 owned and affiliated hospitals and more than 100 health centers.  The two are moving toward the following:

  • Value-added access to use cases for system design
  • Improved patient access and engagement
  • Reduction in physician/investigator manual data entry
  • Seamless data interchange via standards-(FHIR) driven, bi-directional sponsor to site interchange

Pizer is seeking to truly differentiate its position in the market.  First by leveraging the subject matter expertise and technical skills Ochsner has acquired over the years, Pfizer seeks a first mover position in designing and offering next generation sponsor to patient engagement. Second a large pool of patients become available for Pfizer studies. Third because of seamless data interchange (e.g. connect electronic medical record to clinical trial management system) Pfizer and Ochsner investigators can identify appropriate patients faster.  This is a partnership to watch in 2019!


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