Novo Nordisk Launches Aggressive New Integrated Innovation Platform in China

Mar 9, 2019 | China, Leading Pharma, Novo Nordisk, Pharma Watch

Xinhuanet reports that Danish pharma giant Novo Nordisk has launched a platform called “Innovo” to further enhance its innovation capabilities in China through alliances with local universities and hospitals, pharmaceutical startups and incubators.  With the development of a collaborative R&D ecosystem the sponsor hopes to not only accelerate new innovative discoveries but also enhance R&D.  It is targeting three to five “mature projects” through the program with the hopes of materially impacting drug pipelines.

The China Daily reported that Innovo platform will nurture and support long-term R&D efforts while “effectively stimulate the vitality of innovation” as stated by Lars Fogh Iversen, senior vice president of Global Research Technologies unit. Su Jing is the president of Novo Nordisk Research Center China. She reports the company plans to “team up with 100 universities, startups and incubators in a year for ideas and projects with great potential.”

Innovo will emphasize diabetes and other chronic conditions such as obesity, CVD  and chronic kidney diseases. They will be open minded to other avenues of pursuit. Novo Nordisk is clearly seeking to establish a dominant position in China. Western companies have barely scratched the surface of what will become the world’s second largest pharma market. TrialSite News has written extensively about China since our inception. The country’s drug development industry—and ecosystem-rapidly advances with the government actively promoting reforms in regulatory, intellectual property and tax incentives.  Presently, western pharma has only a small percentage of mainland China’s business. Novo Nordisk clearly seeks to change that.


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