The obesity epidemic has helped usher in a non-alcoholic steatohepatitis crisis. Novo Nordisk, one of the few drugmakers making big obesity pipeline investments, now pounces on the growing NAS challenge by negotiating an exclusive license to UD-014, an investigational selective Semicarbazide-Sensitive Amine Oxidase/Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 (SSAO/VAP-1) inhibitor small molecule evidencing potential in preclinical research to address not only anti-inflammatory mechanisms of action but also antioxidative effects on endothelial cells. Why not determine if it can be developed to target NASH.

The Obesity Link & Bagsvaerd

TrialSite News has emphasized the danger of the growing obesity epidemic. Our research revealed Novo Nordisk seeks to capitalize on its knowledge portfolio and market research and distribution know-how and channels to address obesity. The obesity epidemic influences the emerging NASH crisis. That Danish drugmaker seeks organic expansion into NASH makes sense.

The Deal

Novo Nordisk will pay UBE an upfront payment in addition to research and development and commercialization milestones plus tiered royalties on some formula derived from net sales. Novo Nordisk assumes responsibility for UD-014 research and development and clinical trials and commercialization.

What is UD-014

UD-014 is a novel, selective, orally available, long-acting SSAO inhibitor. In preclinical research, it has evidenced success in improving kidney function, assessed by the measurement of albuminuria. In preclinical research, a combination of UD-014 and losartan evidenced synergistic effects in ZSF1 rats. Its effects may result in renal protection.

Who is UBE Industries?

UBE Industries, Ltd, is a chemistry-focused company engaging in multiple industries including the pharmaceutical sector. Based in Japan it was founded in 1897. They generate multiple billions in revenues.

NASH Drug Development Competition

A number of biotech and pharma companies are competing to develop and commercialize a NASH treatment including biotech powerhouse Gilead

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Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation News

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