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Nova Scotia Department of Health Receives Poor Bill of Health & Auditor Says it Fails Residents


It was reported in the Chronical Herald, Canada, by Jim Vibert that another auditor general’s reported another warning to Nova Scotians that their health-care system suffers under poor leadership and a lack of direction. Mr. Vibert reports that from turf battles and confusion over roles among the various bureaucracies, to the absence of financial controls at the IWK, Michael Pickup’s latest report looks inside the fragmented provincial health system and what it finds isn’t pretty.

Vibert notes that “The Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) has failed Nova Scotians on this front,” Pickup said, referring to overall management of the technology that underpins virtually every part of the health system in Nova Scotia.

The auditor general’s December report also drilled down into a litany of lax or non-existent financial controls at the IWK Health Centre, where the only solace is found in assurances from the current management and board of directors that improvements are under way.


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