North Dakota Advancing Brain Research Clinical Studies

May 1, 2019 | Brain Injury Research, North Dakota

Brain Research

Barry Amundson of the Grand Forks Herald reports that North Dakota is becoming a leader in brain injury clinical research. The state’s Legislature has approved more than $300,000 for a pilot study treating severe brain injuries inspired by an innovative hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic in south Fargo. Additionally a local rehabilitation hospital will offer intensive residential treatment for those with brain injuries.  Local resident Lisa Anderson is thrilled as her daughter suffered traumatic brain injuries from a car crash.  Back when the accident occurred the state had no brain injury research studies.   Now with new studies online the state’s 1,200 residents struggling with brain injuries.

Since Ms. Anderson took her daughter to Dr. Daphne Denham’s Healing with Hyperbarics clinics in south Fargo.  State Rep. Dick Anderson has led a successful effort to secure the funding for a hyperbarics study. Moreover philanthropist and hotel businessman Gary Tharaldson of Fargo is supporting the oxygen therapy—moreover he is in the process of donating $2.3 million to Dakota Medical Foundation which will purchase and manage Denham’s clinic.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Daphne Denham


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