NIH Recruiting Minorities for Health Research

Jul 13, 2018 | Minority Participation in Clinical Trials

Sarah Konsmo reports from WUSA9 that NIH “All of Us” study supporting the development of a massive database to “advance medical research that’s tailored to individuals and their specific condition.” Carol Winston with Black Women’s Health Imperative is trying to change the reality that only one percent of clinical trial participants are people of color.  Winston notes “we have to be at the table. We have to be in the conversation. We have to be involved.”   Winston is organizing communication campaigns to evangelize about “All of Us,” a National Institutes of Health study with $1.5 billion in funding over ten years.

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TrialSite News staff have quite a bit of experience with patient recruitment efforts with NIH and commercial sponsors.  It has been a challenge area since some of us first were involved with patient recruitment initiatives back around 2002. Commercial sponsors have formed patient recruitment groups; contract research organizations (CROS) offer patient recruitment services and a myriad of specialized patient recruitment and clinical communication firms exist to help industry. There are numerous factors that are involved with minority communities lack of participation in clinical research-frankly not appropriate for this forum today. If TrialSite News readership is interested in the topic we can write an original piece on this topic for the TrialSite News network.

Should there be academic, government or clinical sponsors interested in recruitment of African American women into studies Carol Winston’s group sounds interesting.

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Source: WUSA9