MBCA Connect 2.0 is a new interactive, web- and mobile-friendly patient experience registry that empowers patients in the U.S. to collaborate with researchers focusing on advanced metastatic breast cancer research, with a goal of matching breast cancer patients with appropriate clinical trials. The planned app is part of a communication campaign led by the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA), a major coalition of nonprofit breast cancer organizations, biopharma companies, and patient advocates in the United States.

MBCA’s recent announcement represents yet another example of various therapeutic-focused collaboratives seeking to develop websites, portals, smartphone apps and other patient-friendly tools to support the connection of researchers and patients. 

MBCA Position

Shirley A. Mertz, a metastatic breast cancer patient, and Chair of the MBCA says, “Depending on an individual’s cancer diagnosis, a clinical trial may be an excellence treatment option,” She continued, “As metastatic patients, we know that our current treatment will one day stop working and we hope that another, more effective treatment, approved because of a successful clinical trial, will be available to us.”

MBC Connect 2.0

The web app/smart phone app all will make it possible for every patient to identify clinical trials that may be a good fit for them—moreover, they can potentially share the studies with their physician(s). Patients first enter their demographic information and disease history into the app. Then the app identifies potential clinical trial matches, thus avoiding the current, complex trial search process. As users enter additional data, all of which is kept private and encrypted, more targeted of clinical trial options are provided, increasing the likelihood of finding a clinical trial that the patient qualifies for while meeting the patient’s needs.

Ellly Cohen, UCSF Assistant Professor of Surgery and Program Director at BreastCancerTrials.org, noted, “Every patient should consider clinical trials as an option for care.” she continued “MBC Connect 2.0 will help patients identify trials personalized to their situation that they can discuss with their providers when evaluating treatment options.

MBC Connect 2.0 will soon be available on Android and iOS devices, and via web browser, in both English and Spanish, ensuring widespread availability for patients living with metastatic breast cancer in America.

The Metastatic Brest Cancer Alliance

MBCA claims to be the largest coalition of nonprofit breast cancer organizations, pharmaceutical/biotech companies, and patient advocates in the U.S., including patients living with metastatic breast cancer, collectively working to transform and improve the loves of those living with the disease. See their website to learn more.

Source: Digital Journal

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