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New Oklahoma City Research Site Coordination Venture Seeks to Drive More Clinical Trials


Recently Fox 25 News, showcased Hightower Clinical, a new clinical research site serving Oklahoma. Brad Hightower, the founder, discussed the importance of clinical research for medical progress. Hightower is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. Hightower Clinical personnel are ACRP certified and all have been through CITI ICH/GCP training. They report that they have working experience working with both local and central IRBs.  They purport to utilize electronic source document systems for efficiency, productivity and compliance purposes.

Industry sponsors seek high quality, productive research sites.  Hightower Clinical touts an impressive set of metrics early on in their history:

  • Average budget/contract turnaround is 3-5 days
  • Average regulatory turnaround 3-5 days
  • Established partnerships with local, non-emergency medical transport company to increase enrollment in outlying Oklahoma rural areas to improve patient participation and retention

Research sites equipped with the following:

  • Locking -20 °C freezer
  • Locking Refrigeration
  • Temperature monitoring for all study products
  • Limited access storage
  • Ambient centrifuge
  • ECG
  • Monitoring space including supplies and infrastructure
  • Research equipment calibrated annually

Their contract physicians include:

  • Cardiovascular Health Clinic, Oklahoma City
  • Dwayne Schmidt, MD, Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology
  • Jim Melton, DO, Vascular Surgery
  • Marcus Smith, MD, Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology
  • Blake Parsons, DO, Interventional Radiology

Founder Brad Hightower has a targeted background in clinical research. He launched Hightower Clinical in February 2018. A core part of their model is to partner with high profile physicians and essentially turnkey the clinical research coordination responsibility and activity—including no upfront cost to the physician. Hightower spent nearly 4 years as an Executive Director of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation. Prior to that he spent nearly 4 years as a Research Coordinator at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center.


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