Neurologist from Vietnam Dedicated to the People: Lê Đức Hinh

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Lê Đức Hinh

Lê Đức Hinh has dedicated more than 55 years as a professor and people’s doctor of neurology. Making great contributions to the Vietnamese health system and working tirelessly, he put Vietnam on the neurology map. Professor Hing has lectured at Hà Nội Medical University, as well as the Central Military Hospital 108’s Research Institute of Clinical Medicine Science and has been recognized as a dedicated professional, researcher and moral leader for Vietnam. The former head of the Neurology Department under Bach Mai Hospital he currently Chairs the Vietnam Neurology Association.

A National Treasure

In his 80s Dr. Hinh, Vietnam News reports leave a distinct impression on anyone who engages with him. With vivid memories of his professional career—from physician care to clinical research in neurology—the thoughts flow through like a constant stream.

Why did Professor Hinh Become a Doctor?

Well, it turns out in high school he likes everything related to human mental health and the nervous system as these systems play a vital role in the formation of the development of human characteristics. Professor Hinh commented “Many human activities including thinking, speaking and behavior are related to the nervous system. With such profound insight, I decided to choose neurology and mental health as my specialist field to study at university. During my time, very few people were interested in such a hard area so only I chose it and the school had to appeal for four more people to set up a team of neurology researchers.”

Early Pioneer in Vietnamese Mental

Once graduating from Hà Nội Medical University in 1962, Hinh went to work for Bach Mai Hospital’s Department of Neurology and Mental Health. He held many different positions and apparently had a profound impact on many in Vietnamese society.

World Traveler

Professor Hinh traveled the world studying, learning and connecting with others in the field, From Cuba to the University of Holland and study tours at the University of California was open to different methods, approaches and perspectives.

Neurology Expert

In addition to teaching, Professor Hinh lectured frequently due to his abundant neurological knowledge and experience. Having taught generations of students at universities not to mention guiding many master’s dissertations and doctoral theses on mental health and neurology.

Call to Action: For industry sponsors seeking to expand into Vietnam for any neurology-related research, Dr. Hinh and his colleagues are undoubtedly valuable contacts.


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