NCI: Collaboration Needed to Complete Clinical Trials of Proton Therapy

Sep 12, 2018 | NCI Designation, NCI-MATCH, Proton Therapy

As reported in Healio, A multistakeholder approach is needed to ensure complete enrollment of seven randomized clinical trials that will test the comparative clinical effectiveness of proton therapy, according to a report published in Journal of Clinical Oncology. If the trials are completed, definitive evidence will be available for clinicians and experts to determine the most effective or least harmful treatments for patients with various cancers.  “Radiation is an important treatment modality for 60% of patients with cancer, and protons are another form of radiation,” senior report author Jeffrey Buchsbaum, MD, PhD, medical officer and program director of the radiation research program in the division of cancer treatment and diagnosis at NCI, told HemOnc Today. “Studying protons is needed so that physicians have data to make the best treatment choices with their patients. It is important to remember that radiation is a proven, life-saving modality.”


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