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NCCS & Lucence Predict Immunotherapy Response for Kidney Cancer


Biospectrum Asia National Cancer Centre Singapore and Lucence Diagnostics have completed a study utilizing CLEARScore™ to predict immunotherapy response for kidney cancer. Comprehensive immunotherapy response information represents a critical goal.  Immunotherapy drugs represent the front-line treatment for kidney cancer. However this treatment is expensive and benefits on certain patients. The ability to predict the effectiveness of immunotherapy prior to treatment represents a significant advancement.

CLEARScore, a molecule test that predicts treatment response for immunotherapy, is an algorithm involving eight genes in the tumor. It classifies kidney cancer by molecular type. In this new study, CLEARScore™ was investigated in correlation with anti-PD-L1 inhibitors and immune cell markers in 36 kidney cancer patients. The results showed that the gene expression score of the eight genes correlated with immune cell infiltration and clinical response to anti-PD-L1 inhibitors in a subset of patients. This indicates that multigene score should be investigated as a biomarker to select patients who are likely to respond to immunotherapy. The study was conducted by National Cancer Centre Singapore and Lucence Diagnostics, in collaboration with the Diagnostics.

Lead Research/Investigator

 Dr. Ravindran Kanesvaran  


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