With a growing burden of cancer in India, cancer patients there are increasingly visiting an online portal called Navya Network. The number of cancer patients seeking second opinions grew from 3,180 in 2015 to 15,237, a 377% rise in five years. The portal has been a topic of studies of recent—they report patients are saving money and travel time when they sought expert opinions online at Navya.


A recent study of 1,803 cancer patients published by the European Society for Medical Oncology Study revealed that patients are saving on average over $1,100 on travel-related costs, 1,225 km of travel and 3.5 days when they sought second onions.

Moreover another study presenting at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium that analyzed 530 breast cancer patients revealing that the average patient saves 1.71 lack, 1,147 km of travel and 4.35 days to receive an opinion


Founded by graduates from Harvard, MIT, Sloan and Stanford, they created a clinical informatics and patient services company service offering it in a standardized, uniform and consistent manner. Their team is composed of machine learning technologists, expert oncologists, and clinical analysts determined to use their skills to improve patient outcomes through innovation. They have partnered with world renowned hospitals, academic research institutions and industry leaders.

The Patient Upload

When a patient needs a second opinion, they register and upload all necessary reports of their diagnosis. A Navya analyst will ensure the information is organized and streamlined, and then a panel of experts from Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) and National Cancer Grid India render an opinion. According to Dr. Tushar Vora, professor, pediatric and medical oncology at TMC, “Patients get an opinion within 24 hours and 98% of the output from the system is concordant with the actual tumor board.”

Patient Fee

Patients who register on the website are charged just under $120 for an opinion but the service is free for those patients with annual income less than 2.5 lakh. Apparently, also many philanthropic organizations are subsidizing patients.

Who are the Founders?

Gitika Srivastava (CEO) and Dr. Naresh Ramarajan (CMO).

The National Cancer Grid is a Partner—who are they?

The National Cancer Grid is a network of major cancer centers, research institutes, patient groups and charitable institutions across India with the mandate of establishing uniform standards of patient care for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, providing specialized training and education in oncology and facilitating collaborative basic, translational and clinical research in cancer.

Clinical Trials

Little is mentioned on the website about clinical trials but the Navya Network is an ideal tool for industry and academic sponsors to utilize to connect patients in need with appropriate and relevant clinical trials. It represents a powerful potential to scale up in India and perhaps elsewhere.

Call to Action: Interested in talking with Navya Network? See their contact page

Source: The Hindu

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