Nationwide TMIST Breast Cancer Study Carle Cancer Center In Illinois The Most Productive Investigative Site Across Country

Jun 24, 2019 | Breast Cancer, Carle Cancer Center, Illinois, Leading Sites, News, Oncology, Site Success

Nationwide TMIST Breast Cancer Study Carle Cancer Center In Illinois The Most Productive Investigative Site Across Country

Women in the Danville, Illinois, area are invited to participate in a landmark study assessing screening methods for breast cancer. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, the TMIST randomized study compares two types of digital mammography, including 1) two-dimensional or 2) three-dimensional breast cancer screenings.

The Study

The TMIST study stands for “The Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (TMIST)”, the first randomized trial to compare two types of digital mammography for breast cancer screenings, and is now open for enrollment. The study was developed by the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). ECOG-ACRIN is leading the trial.

TMIST investigators are enrolling healthy women ages 45 to 70 who are already planning to get routine mammograms. By taking part in TMIST, the 165,000 planned participants will provide critical information that will aid researchers learn how to most effectively screen women for breast cancer and help women make informed decisions about screening tests in the future.

Local Investigational Site: Carle Cancer Center

In Danville, Carle Cancer Center is driving participation in its community. Carle Cancer Center is the premier cancer treatment and support center in east central Illinois, offering more resources to help patients fight against cancer.  It has the second highest national recruitment rates in the country for the TMIST study! This local center has the area’s largest and most specialized team of fellowship-trained oncologists, surgeons and staff, making it more likely for patients to get in for diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible. Carle has been supporting the community with health care for nearly a century. As mentioned, Carle Cancer Center has been the most productive research site nationwide for the TMIST study. They include information about the study when they send their 4,100 mammograms a year in the east region of Illinois, which includes Danville and Hoopeston. Moreover, Carle participated in about 200 clinical trials for other cancers—they are truly a productive and influential regional, investigational research center, in addition to a care provider.

900 Women Already Participated

They signed up the first woman nationwide. Carle Cancer Center has already signed up 900 women through Carle’s Mills Breast Cancer Institute— and now the study is opening up to nearby Vermilion County for women aged 45-75.

Local Investigator Dr. Ken Rowman

Dr. Rowland, a medical oncologist at Carle, is an enthusiastic supporter of the study. Dr. Rowland noted, “This is a landmark trial,” he emphasized, “that is going to change how we screen for breast cancer.” Dr. Rowland reminded all that the women who sign up to participate are the “real heroes” as they are making a difference for the next generation of women. This is the case because the “one size fits all” approach isn’t optimal for ensuring greater protection for women. Different women face different risk profiles and the study sponsors and investigators seek to learn more about how to successfully screen women.

Lead Research/Investigator at Local Site

Dr. Ken Roland


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