More on the WHO SOLIDARITY Trial Targeting COVID-19: The ISRCTN Registry Listing

Mar 29, 2020 | Coronavirus, COVID-19, Popular Posts, SOLIDARITY Trial, World Health Organization

More on the WHO SOLIDARITY Trial Targeting COVID-19 The ISRCTN Registry Listing

TrialSite News was able to secure a little more publicly available information about WHO’s COVID-19 public health emergency-driven SOLIDARITY trial. The ISRCTN Registry is the primary clinical trial registry recognized by WHO and ICMJE accepting clinical trials in various stages and assigning a unique identification necessary for publication. The database is free and publicly available for search. In a quest to support transparency, ISRCTN was developed to help reduce selective reporting results and ensure as unbiased a result as possible. TrialSite News republishes the ISRCTN-listed SOLIDARITY trial for our readers benefit.


The ISRCTN site lists the SOLIDARITY trial and include inclusion criteria, risks and other answers. As we face an unprecedented public emergency, we understand WHO must ramp up to respond and share as much information as possible. As TrialSite News has offered, WHO should produce more granular information about this clinical trial to include: what institutions are participating; what physicians/investigators are at the helm; and a list of contact information so that public authorities can start assessing their interest in participation.

Lead Contacts

The main contacts for the SOLIDARITY Study include:
Dr Ana Maria Henao
Dr Vasee
Dr Marie-Pierre

SOLIDARITY Trial website can be found here.


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