More News on Dr. Borody’s Ivermectin proposal

Aug 13, 2020 | Australia, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Ivermectin, News, Popular Posts, Thomas Borody

More News on Dr. Borody's Ivermectin proposal

News Corp media is the latest major media to report on the proposal of Professor Thomas Borody. This gastroenterologist received credit for developing the world’s first peptic ulcers, saving lives in the process. What’s his proposal? Make Ivermectin available for at least those economically disadvantaged individuals–without health care access (vulnerable people)–infected with COVID-19 as the drug in real-world usage has evidenced safety and efficacy in an endeavor to reduce the severity and duration of the novel coronavirus. Professor Borody stepped up to publicly declare this need despite a great majority of health authorities that don’t think much on this topic. A few clinical trials have been completed (Bangladesh and Iraq), but because they have been on the smaller scale and TrialSite suspects (and this is just a speculation), because they originate out of low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) health regulators and research elites in richer countries aren’t paying attention. A real-world, observational off label initiative was deemed successful in Broward County U.S., but no medical journals are willing to consider a review of the findings. Borody broadcast his concerns due to the complete lack of intellectual curiosity exhibited by a majority of the world’s leading research agencies and health authorities.

In the meantime, Shannon Molloy from News Australia was given the green light to write about Ivermectin. TrialSite emphasizes this because a good many highly respected journalists working for major media won’t, at least up until this point, benefit from such a decision. The Sydney-based doctor, Borody, now urges health authorities to consider an Ivermectin plan for at least A) low-and middle-income countries and B) the underdeveloped areas within developed countries.

Molloy reports that Borody believes the “answer to Australia’s COVID-19 crisis” is what was termed the Australian combination of Ivermectin, Doxycycline, and zinc.” Borody, a well-established and prominent figure suggests at least in Australia A) these medicines are already approved by authorities (in Australia the Therapeutic Good Administration) and proven safe and B) they do not need to go through any more preclinical research, or for that matter clinical trials unless they are to be combined in a capsule.

He has put his professional “neck on the line,” declaring this combination can save lives. TrialSite reminds this is one individual’s opinion, and the overwhelming majority of scientists on record would probably take an oppositional view at this point.

For example, Dr. Ian Musgrave, with the University of Adelaide, declared, “Oh no, not Ivermectin.” Dr. Musgrave continued, “No, it’s not a cure for COVID-19.” His rationale: “It works in test-tube experiments, but is unlikely to work clinically as it is hard to achieve effective plasma concentrations. No clinical trial data are available yet, and in the absence of any public data, claims of the high efficacy are to be taken with a grain of salt.”

Musgrave’s retort is a common one but unfortunately based on faulty logic. There are now results from ivermectin-based clinical trials: that is, data is available. It’s just that no one seems to care, possibly because such data originates out of Iraq, or Bangladesh. Could research communities have class hierarchy pecking orders? 

Otherwise, why wouldn’t interested scientists bother at least to thoroughly review the results? Moreover, many dozens of nations are now using common and available drugs to treat COVID-19. This certainly doesn’t equate to absolute evidence but does indicate an accumulating amount of real-world data (RWD) that, when combined with trials, could ultimately become actual evidence for future claims. On the other hand, the lack of discipline and rigor in real-world scenarios, at least in some cases, could compromise what is possibly a low cost and available option.

The Molloy article from News Corp refers to the South American use of Ivermectin. TrialSite will release a documentary on the topic on Friday, August 14; the company assembled a professional film team to investigate the use of Ivermectin in that continent. As an objective and critical look, the film should trigger a good deal of conversation.



  1. ML

    So looking forward to your documentary on Ivermectin use in South America. Good for you, TSN, for stepping up to the plate and getting the information out there. Real world evidence in regards to treatment of Covid-19 should count for quite a lot, especially since the response to the pandemic in the United States, a supposedly rich and “exceptional nation,” has been abysmal at best, criminal at worst. Don’t allow the pugnacious and negative comments I have seen in a recent article you posted on Russia’s vaccine, to get you down, TSN. Ignore these bullies and continue to bring us up-to-date and informative news from the world of medicine. So many of us deeply appreciate you, TSN. Carry on!

    • TrialSite

      Thanks ML!
      As long as we are making a difference we will keep at this. It’s released tomorrow and we are planning others. We hope it’s helpful. Critical feedback is always welcome.
      As always we appreciate your visit.

  2. George Glessner

    Dam’t try it, a life is at stake what is there to lose?

    • Anthony Gigliotti

      Its a crying shame that so many lives have been lost in front of our eyes by stubborn scientists and politicians who Continue ignore the effectiveness ofHCQ. Ivermectin Budesonide zinc. And qucertin let alone the thousands of doctors who came forward and said they worked!

      • Vincent Kelly

        We are at war and these critics are asleep at the wheel
        People are dying
        Do something. TODAY!!

    • Jeffrey Jacobs

      I agree wholeheartedly….Researcher Adam Gaertner probably one of those brilliant scientists swears by it and offers scientific evidence it does work.

  3. John Wilbye

    In the UK Ivermectin is not generally available and costs including shipping makes it very expensive for just 4 tablets, however Ivermectin for horses is cheap and available and I have sources this along with the other drugs and will use it if I get symptoms

    • Rob Williams

      Not a good idea!! See the following site for more details.

      [Posted April 10, 2020]

      ISSUE: FDA is concerned about the health of consumers who may self-medicate by taking ivermectin products intended for animals, thinking they can be a substitute for ivermectin intended for humans.

      People should never take animal drugs, as the FDA has only evaluated their safety and effectiveness in the particular animal species for which they are labeled. These animal drugs can cause serious harm in people.

      • col from OZ

        I have brought a horse ivermectin and on the pack it says ivermectin at such a dose. When i go the vet usually they prescribe human medicines- whats the trouble the other way round- because it only says ivermecetin at such a douse. The FDA just give out boiler plate warnings- crossing the street can get you killed- FDA

        • Hoyt Nelson

          I think it’s a little funny, that the horse paste for a 1250 pound horse has *exactly* enough ivermectin to dose the horse at 200mcg/kg — the dose approved by the FDA for human ingestion for treatment of strongidlasis.

          Use of horse paste ivermectin isn’t approved by the FDA – but the horse paste *complies* with the FDA regardless.

          • Hoyt Nelson

            Whoops, misspelled it: strongyloidiasis

  4. Gary P. George

    When and where is this new film? Eager to view

    • Joe strange

      Makes sense. I guess Facebook will be censoring this…

      • TrialSite

        thanks for the feedback. That’s one reason why we introduced TrialSite Connect–a social network dedicated to clinical research. Facebook censors and more importantly, SELLS all the data including health-related data. TrialSite does NOT censor nor sell anyone’s data.
        Thanks for the visit.

      • maxine

        l am fascinated by this research as it continually involved my feelings that we are dealing with a micro organisim that rapidly duplicates ..the behaviour of covid19 as in surface survival seems to also support the micro parasite theroy …l am an educated person and it never ceases to anger and insult us all when power and money ignore the truths …role playing Teletubbies??


    You have erased my post, certainly because of the links to ClinicalTrial. But you have the links, so ask for them. Thanks.

  6. Deborah Napper

    Why not look into this-and who’s against saving a life NOW with something that is legal and safe and affordable.

  7. Dr RANA

    I used ivermectin on more than thousand patients of covid19 with mild disease.
    On 3rd day patients became completely asymptomatic.
    And as prophylaxis of patients family they did not got any symptoms.
    Amazing drug.

    • Dr RANA

      Ivermectin is one of the reason due to which covid19 got control in Pakistan.
      Extensive use of ivermectin has been done in Pakistan.

    • Jun

      Hi Dr Rana,

      I’m in Australia and cannot find any MD who is willing to prescribe ivermectin, it’s so frustrating! Just wondering if you know of any way to obtain the drug in Australia? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  8. Stephen Biemans

    The whole point of most of this is to treat people who could very possibly die due to inaction or stubbornness by the establishment. If it works great! If is is proven ineffective also great. It is the simple fact that there has to be a simple approach to dealing with this problem. So if this is a way to help just one person survive, it is worth the effort. If it helps the world survive, It is a miracle and should be shared to the world.

  9. Joseph Daniel

    Immensely looking forward to the documentary.

    Thank you greatly for having the courage to report on Ivermectin.

    In Brazil some doctors are getting together to raise awareness about it. Along with respected commentator Alexandre Garcia.

    Some cities are distributing Ivermectin as preventitive (Itajaí, SC)

    There has been great success in the city of Belen, in reducing the hospitalized cases.


    • TrialSite

      Thank you- The documentary is live right now. It’s on our YouTube channel and on our Digital Media page.

  10. Juan Manuel Canela Oleaga

    We been using it with great results, 3,000 patients on different stages, our medical group have 5 hospital in the Dominican Republic, it works , irs simple and cheap, excellent choice for all countries

  11. Linda Davidson

    A news paper in Sweden

    For those of you who actually believe this alleged “virus” escaped a biolab in Wuhan and made it’s way here and is threatening us at every turn rather than those in authority usurping authority to put you in a constant state of fear to take advantage of you, you really should stop, take a step back and look at what has been going on for months in Wuhan. America has been had!

    very true……

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