More Evidence for Hydroxychloroquine as a Life-Saver; CNN Casts Doubts

Jul 5, 2020 | Blog, Hydroxychloroquine, News, Popular Posts

More Evidence for Hydroxychloroquine as a Life-Saver; CNN Casts Doubts

As we reported July 3, a Henry Ford Health System retrospective found a significant reduction in death for those treated with hydroxychloroquine over a non-treated group. Another recent study, not yet peer reviewed, is found on PrePrints. Published online July 3 and titled, “COVID-19 Outpatients – Early Risk-Stratified Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study,” the paper looks at 141 severe COVID-19 patients who received “the triple therapy”: zinc, low-dose HCQ, and azithromycin. Findings included that 2.8% of the treated group were hospitalized, compared with 15.4% for the control group. The Conclusion notes that “treatment of COVID-19 outpatients as early as possible after symptom onset with the used triple therapy, including the combination of zinc with low dose hydroxychloroquine, was associated with significantly less hospitalizations and 5 times less all-cause deaths.”

CNN Cast Doubts: Political Hot Piece or Fair Critique?

 In a July 2 article CNN say that while, “A surprising new study [Henry Ford] found the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped patients better survive,” “the findings, like the federal government’s use of the drug itself, were disputed.” They note that many other studies have found no benefit and also negative cardiac events. FDA’s EUA was pulled, and many trials around the globe were halted. Method problems in the Ford study were pointed out: concurrent steroid use could account for the findings, and persons with heart problems were screened out. Other issues are raised, and an expert tells CNN, “There’s a little bit of loosey-goosiness here in all this.” As an afterthought, CNN notes that Tumps’s trade advisor Peter Navarro has praised the Henry Ford team study. In sum, CNN notes legitimate concerns about HCQ research. Yet, with that network’s constant anti-Trump content in mind, perhaps we acted too early in pulling the plug on widespread HCQ research and treatment. Is that a possibility?


  1. Ron Carson

    Of course this drug has been unfairly maligned ! All of the scientists who have promoted the drug as a therapy to effectively treat covid19 have clearly stated that it must be used early. The very first one, dr Raoult of France , stated right in his first of three very successful studies, that the drug, as any drug, must be used within the first few days of symptoms. His studies on over 4,000 people shows the very same results as dr Zelenko, Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have died needlessly because of the false coverage of this medication. There’s been zero coverage of the double blind clinical trial by mt Sinai in New York where 100 percent of those treated early with Hydroxychloroquine did not progress to severe disease. The FDA , CDC And the press all politicized this medication from the very beginning. Professor Raoult is one of the most respected epidemiologist in the world. Why would you have immediately discarded his findings??? Something is very wrong here !!!

    • TrialSite

      Dear Ron,
      Yes it is very unfortunate. The politicization, the agenda, etc.
      There should be a focus on science and helping people–and taking care of taxpayer money.
      The hope is that the more people get educated and updated, then activated the hope is then engagement and perhaps if enough are doing the same we can transcend out of this weird zone we find ourselves in.
      Thanks for visiting

    • Ken

      I agree the doctors who have us it have nothing but praise for the drug but the so called experts only criticise it. I say follow the $$ when it comes to experts who have not used it

    • James B.

      We must consider the fact that HCQ is very inexpensive. Witness the enormous power big pharma has over the media and the FDA. Sad so many are losing their lives so the companies can sell their more expensive ones in the pipeline.

  2. Theodore WOJNOW

    It is now being demonstrated that people having financial interests with Gilead have been very active to give false informations against HCQ, to try to sale REMDESIVIR… and push stock value…

    USA should be ashamed of letting business lobbies killing so many people around the world…

  3. Harry R

    I have followed HCQ trials and tribulation for a while.
    Every doctor I have spoken with seems to be using HCQ along with Z.
    The key is to dose early and not to be over medicate the patient to avoid the cardio toxicities and other issues. I have taken HCQ several times while traveling to certain foreign countries. I didn’t experience any side effect and it worked just fine for maleria.

    The U of Minn double blind and plcbo control study had great hope. For some unknown reason it was truncated and the number of patients were reduced by ~50%. The study failed to show efficacy mostly due to the breakdown of statistics in my opinion. Why the PIs decided to change their study in mid steam seems to be more based on political reasons rather than medical. Doctors speaking out are now being challenged and referred to their respective state medical boards. Why? Again, seems like the cancel culture is at work.
    The large retrospective W.H.O. study published in the Lancet was not credible on several fronts based on my read of the paper. I don’t know the intentions of the study, but if it was to kill HCQ it was mission accomplished.
    The Henry Ford Hospital study showed excellent results; this should have been big media headline. It was not. Why? Simple; doesn’t fit the narrative. Yes, there are some questions about the study, but these results should be taken seriously.
    This past Friday morning, Gilead released additional positive results on remdesivir. The comments were yes great, but its not oral therapy or an aerosol thus moving the goal post. Gilead is working on alternative forms of their drug and hopefully they do come up with an effective and safe version of remdesivir in short order.
    We need every drug prospect to be vetted thoroughly as to how, when and who should be dosed without the aspect of political influence. Unfortunately, even medicine has succumbed to the age of everything seems to be driven by politics.

    • TrialSite

      Dear Harry we couldn’t agree more with your statement “Unfortunately, even medicine has succumbed to the age of everything seems to be driven by politics.” This is a powerful sentence you offer the reader and certainly hope people start holding those in power accountable.
      Best Regards,

  4. Bob Smith

    HQC + Zinc + antibiotic work.

    Politics and media bias are condemning thousands to unnecessary death.

    This is the biggest political scandal in American history.

    The progressives would rather have Americans die than admit Trump might be right.

    • muti

      not only in america. in brazil the exact same thing is happening. fortunately there are good doctors going against the stream and saving lifes. but most people are told to stay home without treatment waiting to get worse and go to the hospital later to die.

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