Model for the Future: Healthy Nevada Launches No-Cost Genetic Testing for 25,000 Nevadans

May 14, 2019 | Community Study, Genetic Testing, Nevada

Genetic Testing

A first-of-its-kind, community-based, population health study, combining genetic, clinical and environmental and social data, expands now to Las Vegas metropolitan area. Known as the Healthy Nevada Project, it aspires not only to offer genetic testing to every Nevadan, but it also affords them the opportunity to learn more about their health and genetic profile.

TrialSite News believes this community model represents serious potential for how research and community health could unfold in the future. It is now expanding in Nevada—opening 25,000 slots in Las Vegas, in collaboration with University Medical Center (UMC) of Southern Nevada,  which serves as the host site for Las Vegas.

With no cost, study volunteers will take Helix’s clinical-grade DNA saliva test and will receive their ancestry and traits. Participants can opt in to be notified about genetic test results that could impact their health and ultimately, could be used to improve medical care.

Genome Medical, a leading network of clinical genetics specialists, is providing the genetic counseling and genetic services. UMC will also collaborate with Renown Health.


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