McMaster University Study Results Reveal Marijuana Makes no Difference in Opioid Withdrawal

Nov 23, 2019 | Cannabis, Pain Management

McMaster University-led study has found that marijuana cannot be used as an “exit” or replacement drug to get people off of opioids. The study also found that using cannabis while on methadone to treat opioid addictions makes no difference in the effectiveness of the treatment.

Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal this week, was conducted by a research team that analyzed other studies on the effects of cannabis on illicit opioids during methadone therapy, a standard treatment for opioid addictions.

According to one of the clinical investigators, Dr. Zainab Samaan stated the idea of replacing opioids with cannabis and originated from America, mainly but a review of six published studies involving 3,600 participants and reveals “from our finding, that cannabis made no difference.” She continued, “We found that using cannabis in addition to opioids didn’t help reduce opioid use.”


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded the study

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Zainab Samaan 

Source: Mississauga