McGill University Spinoff Emerged as Leading Mid-Market CRO Establishes Asian Center of Excellence

Dec 15, 2019 | JSS Medical Research, McGill University

McGill University Spinoff Emerged as Leading Mid-Market CRO Establishes Asian Center of Excellence

With a deep expertise in epidemiology and biostatistics by Dr. John Sampalis, Canada-based JSS Medical Research was spun out of McGill University back in 1997. Today, the clinical research organization (CRO) has rapidly expanded global aspirations with a vision of establishing a center of excellence, bridging Eastern and Western methodologies. They are actively seeking Asian partnerships.

Global Footprint Today

JSS does business worldwide, having conducted studies across 21 countries from large industry sponsors to Canadian-based biotech startups. They have accumulated rich and deep experience in rheumatology and autoimmune conditions, oncology, dermatology, respiratory and women’s health as well as cannabinoids. With established offices in India, Latin America and Poland, the mid-market CRO emphasizes early and late phase drug development with a focus on Phase II studies for medical device and nutraceutical firms.

Collaborative Culture

JSS is known for its emphasis on collaboration—as it arose out of academia, it is comfortable navigating the world of intellectuals to government officials; and after over two decades in business, it has a well-balanced approach to bringing together and engaging various and diverse stakeholders. As reported in the South China Morning Post, it has evidenced this track record, for example, with its work on hypertension, establishing the benefits of “treating to target.” By leveraging its data analytics expertise, JSS uncovered serious design and analytic flaws leading to inconclusive study results—leading the FDA to reconsider an earlier rejection. This kind of influence is a big deal and many CROs won’t have that kind of impact. JSS is big on long-term programs that allow stakeholders to undertake superior data signal detection and analysis.

Asian Center of Excellence

JSS seeks joint-venture opportunities in nations such as China where they can broker and facilitate collaboration between Western and Eastern physicians and clinical investigators as well as sponsor discussions, data sharing and analytical approaches with a goal of understanding what treatments are actually working for the population. China is undoubtedly a place of interest.

About JSS Medical Research

JSS Medical Research evolved from a small McGill University spinoff to a full-service global CRO. With the global headquarters in Montreal and regional offices in India, Poland and Colombia, they have developed a global network of partnerships. They now seek strategic partners in Asia—notably, China is of interest. Approaching 500 employees in multiple regions, JSS seeks to form value-added partnerships with select Asian partners.

Call to Action: For Asian ventures interested in connecting with JSS Medical Research, we include contact information


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